Fridays are the *NEW* Saturday

Almost as if it were something taboo many people have generally shied away from the idea of alternative wedding days. Saturday has become the go to day to make it official.  Justification for this tends to come down to guest convenience and “that’s just the day you get married” perception. I know for me this was the case. I ended up waiting an additional 14 months after we booked our venue to tie the knot, to have my sought after Saturday wedding. The thought of selecting any day other than a Saturday never entered my mind. If I wasn’t still involved in this industry I doubt I would consider a Friday wedding until I was invited to them. I have no regrets about the choices I made regarding my wedding at Vista West Ranch this past June. To us it was the most perfect weekend. But, if I could go back and make things a little bit easier on myself, a Friday is the way i'd have gone. There is so much stuff to do when planning your wedding and you are in the final sprint as the days until “I Do” tick down.  You have decorations to drop off, vows to write, and errands to run. These tasks don't disappear simply by selecting a Friday vs. a Sunday, but it can help.

Perks of a VWR Friday Wedding. VWR has onsite lodging to accommodate up to 28 people. When you book at VWR you can reserve this space for the day of your event, but not the day before or after, if there is a wedding (which most likely there is) except for when you book a Friday. 

Perk #1 You can book the lodging the day before (i.e. Thursday) or you could even come in as early as Monday and have VWR to yourself for a week! This gives you the opportunity to hang out with your besties as well as get a jump-start on your wedding preparations and decorations in advance. You don’t have to wait until 2pm to get started, you are already onsite and most likely you have set up a lot of things in the days before.

Perk #2 You can relax, take a breath, and enjoy yourself. You’re relaxed because your vendors come directly to you instead of you carting everything around town on the day of your wedding…believe me it makes a difference. Knowing that everything is already set up and ready to go means no panic, no rush. The boys can play games on the open lawn and you ladies can get your hair done, or visa versa.

Perk #3 You can host a rehearsal dinner on site. Use Vista West Ranch’s Biergarten on Thursday to host your pre-wedding shindig on the property. The fee is minimal; pay for VWR’s bartender (if alcohol will be served) and the on-site accommodations. This space is generally only used for the cocktail hour on your big day, so you ‘ll still have your big reveal of the reception space. Make it fun- get a food truck or have some great yard games out. Your guests can have a wonderful experience, while you walk through your rehearsal, and then party into the night.

Perk #4 You can spend quality time with your favorite people and let them enjoy the rest of their weekend. If you want to do something fun and keep the celebration going you can organize a Saturday day trip to the lake or somewhere downtown for some serious R&R. Take everyone to Hamilton Pool or Pendernales Falls to show them the awesomeness of the Hill Country. Or, do a local brewery tour.

I say throw tradition to the wind and be unconventional when selecting your date. After all, Friday is the new Saturday.

#happy planning